Balsam Fir Wreaths to Honor Deceased Military Veterans During the Holiday Season

When someone decides to order a Christmas wreath, this person may decide to buy from Worcester Wreath. This family-owned company makes its products from their own balsam fir forest of 4,000 acres. The wreaths are of substantially higher qualities than cheap products available at most department stores. The fragrance of this beautiful evergreen is long-lasting.

Wreaths Across America

In addition, the family is part of the group of founders of wreaths across america, or WAA. This is an annual tribute to members of the military buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Some 230,000 military veterans are buried in this cemetery.

The program is intended to honor members of the armed forces who gave their lives in the cause of freedom. Families and close friends of these individuals gain some spiritual and emotional healing from seeing their loved ones honored this way.

Other Locations

People who are unfamiliar with the program can watch videos of WAA online and see how the tribute is conducted. Special ceremonies are held in many other locations as well, with music and a speaker. Interested men and women may want to find out whether any of these events are held at cemeteries near where they live if they are interested in attending in person. The wreaths stay on the graves through the entire holiday season.

Personal Wreaths

People who want to honor their own deceased family members who served may want to place a wreath at the gravesite at Christmastime. The beauty of a natural evergreen wreath far surpasses that of any plastic versions, and there is no need to worry about the product shriveling up and drying out without watering it. That would be the case when trying to place a small live Christmas tree at the grave and having to anchor the tree and the container of water. Of course, in cold climates, the water would freeze.


The wreath symbolizes eternity because of it is a circle with no beginning or end. Evergreen also represents everlasting life. The symbolism is suitable for people of a variety of religious and spiritual beliefs. Some families may choose a wreath to symbolize everlasting love.


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